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I'm just another artist that's currently addicted to NaruHina, Sasusaku annnnd RaiKim.

You can expect a lot of fanarts from said ships and fandoms, as well as my random reblogs.

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"Because she loves you so much it’s breaking her heart"

For xozelinkox
mydreamworldisyoutube said: Hey i REALLY like (actually love but whatever) your art, and I ship NH too ^-^

AWWW! THANK YOU! Hahaha NaruHina all the way! <3

Anonymous said: Your art style is so beautiful; I was in an upset mood on Thursday because of the chapter and ass comments and honestly the only thing that cheered me up was your drawing on my dash. Stay amazing! Thank you for being part of our (and nh) fandom!



And don’t be upset. This chapter to me was amazing, because we got to read Sakura’s beautiful words to Sasuke and how much he still remembers about her. Really, anon, if he didn’t give a shit about her he would’ve gone away without even listening to her. It’s not even that he didn’t kill the girl, it’s that he stopped just to listen to what she had to say instead of letting her follow him and Naruto and then kill her without giving a fuck during their battle.

That’s what you should think of. Because Sasuke type of person is, ‘if I don’t care about you I won’t even spend my precious time listening to you, just leave me alone.’

Tell me what does this remember to you? Oh, yeah. Chapter 181 when she asked “Why don’t you talk to me?” and he interrupted her mid-sentence to say it wasn’t of her business… But did he walk away after that? NO, he stayed there just to listen to what she had to say, and he did exactly the same thing now. Because a part of him always listens to her, it doesn’t matter how much he tries to deny it. And that happends because he cares. So don’t be sad, and ignore the hate. We’re here to enjoy our ships, no matter which one is it. ;)